Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a celebrated success of waterfront redevelopment, but its spectacular looks disguise a contested past and challenging present. Discover the real stories of how powerful people, visionary plans, and community movements are still transforming the former industrial wharf into a premiere public space for all. Secret loading docks, coded brick patterns, environmental engineering, and forgotten monuments all reveal Baltimore’s hidden truths.

The 90 minute Inner Harbor Baltimore Drift tour includes:

 A people’s’ history of Baltimore’s waterfront transformation
 Creative interpretations of architecture, urban design, and the harbor
 Playful, participatory activities revealing who can do what where
 Funny smells and free souvenirs

[Free Fall Special!] Saturday, October 21, 2-4pm

Free Fall Baltimore: click here to RSVP

Contact graham to schedule a private tour.

Meets in McKeldin Square

101 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

Your tour guide Graham Coreil-Allen will be wearing a turquoise polo shirt and white hat.