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Platzgeist Shards

Limited Edition Print
Presented by Color Wheel
Open Space Prints & Multiples Fair
Baltimore, MD
February, 2014

Platzgeist Shards Poster

The Platzgeist Shards poster presents an array of found and appropriated objects symbolically arranged to convey specific ‘spirits of place’. As individual Shards of Site, each object is a souvenir serving as mementos of place. Hypergraphically assembled, these shards are an attempt to capture the psychic or experiential essences of specific types of place. As a map or non-site, the Platzgeists Shards poster also identifies and defines the corresponding terms and ideas listed below. The print is an 11” x 14” pigmented ink print on archival paper. Limited edition of 10, signed and numbered. Contact me directly to acquire a copy of this print.

This print was first released at the 5th Annual Open Space Prints and Multiples Fairs in Baltimore, Maryland. Special thanks for Liz Donadio of Color Wheel Digital Printing for making this print possible.

Shards of Site

Limited Edition Print
May, 2013
Presented by Print/Collect
Current Gallery & (e)merge Art Fair
Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC
July, 2013 & October 2013

Shards of Site Poster

The Shards of Site poster is the first ever deliberately salable New Public Sites print and features an array of poetically titled urban artifacts collected from the streets of Baltimore. The shredded pavement souvenirs will serve as mementos of place as they gracefully hang on the walls of your urban abode. Click here to purchasing your copy of the inaugural Print/Collect portfolio and catalog.

The print is a 20” x 16” pigmented ink print on archival 13.5mil cotton rag. Limited edition of 125 signed and numbered print.

The print/collect show was first exhibited at Current Gallery in Baltimore in July 2013, then later at (e)merge art fair in Washington, DC October 4-6, 2013.

Shards of Site

Unlimited edition collectables
October, 2013 – present
Presented by Print/Collect
(e)merge Art Fair
Washington, DC
October 2013

Shards of Site - pile

NPS Shards of Site - detail

Shredded pavement souvenirs servings as mementos of place.

Participants are invited to take a free Shard of Site along with a signed certificate of authenticity in an archival storage bag. All shards found by the artist.