First led April 22-29, 2017

Explore the Bromo District’s invisible public spaces and storied buildings while learning about the speculative and spectacular efforts shaping the neighborhood to this day. This 90 minute New Public Sites walking tour features little known histories of Baltimore’s former garment and shopping district, urban design successes and challenges, and current artist-led redevelopment projects. Along the way, participants are invited to see the district in new ways through absurd, poetic, and sublime moments. Playful activities include unseen vistas, concrete poetry, and sharing of found objects.

Tour Highlights: Metro Tunneling, Lexington Scramble, Social Insecurity, Franklin Onramp / Gallery Row, 7-11 Plastical Revival, Back Alley Parking Shortcuts, Private Park Liberation, Le Mondo & Current Space Redevelopments, Tyson Canyon Trees, Umbrella Void, Superblock reboot, Greyhound Badminton, Howard Street Transitions, Hopscotch Crosswalk, Bromo Tower Vista

Bromo Spectacular was originally presented as part of Front, curated by Betty Gonzales. Front was an augmented reality and online exhibition addressing issues of urban renewal by reimagining vacant storefronts throughout the Bromo Arts and Entertainment District. Find out more about the other amazing artists involved at

Tour meets in front of Current Space

421 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21201