Learn how community resistance blocked continuation of The Highway to Nowhere while bolding crossing where many have walked before.

Crossing the Highway to Nowhere walking tour explores sites of “urban renewal” around The Highway to Nowhere while uncovering how community resistance successfully blocked the highway’s destructive path across the city.

Demolition for what was going to be an east-west highway cutting across Baltimore City began the 1960s. Thriving neighborhoods were cut in half and thousands of mostly African American families were displaced. Community resistance on the east side and further west led to the cancellation of the east-west highway. As a result, the completed section remains isolated from other expressways, making it effectively useless. What remains is now known as “Highway to Nowhere”. Among brutalist piers and pastoral landscaping, we will learn how people currently use this highly public yet overlooked space. 

This tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and proceeds at a moderate pace. Voluntary physical activities include stepping over obstacles such as jersey barriers. Be prepared to cross the Highway to Nowhere.

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Meet at Greene & Mulberry Streets:

398 N Greene Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
Southwest corner, in the former Social Security Administration Offices plaza